The Inaugural Gulf Coast Energy Forum takes place in New Orleans October 14 – 16, 2019, at the Westin Canal Place.

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Houston, TX – September 24, 2019

The Inaugural Gulf Coast Energy Forum takes place in New Orleans October 14 – 16, 2019. This new event from the producers of the industry leading LDC Gas Forums is the ideal venue for industry professionals involved in the entire LNG export and supporting natural gas commercial value chain, including feedgas supply, pipeline transportation, LNG liquefaction, LNG shipping, marketing LNG to global end users, as well as key supporting services and products.

The 2 1/2 day conference program is carefully structured for officials from leading industry organizations to provide insight about market developments, network with existing and new industry counterparties, and ultimately conclude transactions involving purchase, sale and transportation of LNG and supporting natural gas. Keynote presentations will be delivered by Billy Nungesser, Lt. Governor, State of Louisiana; Charlie Riedl, Executive Director, Center for LNG; Joe Uddo, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Innovation and Market Development, U.S. Department of Energy; Orlando Alvarez, President and CEO, BP Energy; and Tim Hermann, President, Storage & Fuels, Southern Company Gas. A special Guest Presentation will also be provided by Congressman Steve Scalise, (R-La., US House Of Representatives).

Four panel presentations will focus on i) transporting gas supply to markets – pipelines and virtual pipelines; ii) serving global LNG markets from U.S. Gulf Coast LNG export terminals; iii) market fundamentals surrounding LNG exports from the U.S. Gulf Coast; and iv) global LNG end user market perspectives. Panel participants include representatives from Spire Marketing Inc., Enable Midstream Partners, Chart, Inc., Energy Transfer, Thigpen Solutions, Enbridge Gas Transmission & Midstream, ConocoPhillips, Sempra LNG, Golden Pass LNG, LNG Limited, VG LNG Marketing, Osaka Gas USA Corporation, Intercontinental Exchange Inc., S&P Global Platts and American Petroleum Institute.

The U.S. Gulf Coast region is clearly established as the epicenter for global LNG supply. Tremendous capability to liquefy natural gas for global LNG export has already come on stream via new terminals along the U.S. Gulf Coast. A “second wave” of new LNG export facilities, currently in various stages of construction, financing and planning is scheduled to add substantial additional capability in the next several years. Rapidly growing U.S. natural gas production, now outpacing domestic U.S. demand, is a clear competitive advantage for U.S.-based LNG exports to compete in global markets. The U.S. Gulf Coast, with its expansive network of pipeline infrastructure and deepwater port facilities, is the natural location for the dozens of U.S. LNG export facilities. The Gulf Coast Energy Forum is purposely structured to relay critical insight about this new market and to facilitate interaction and dealmaking among counterparties spanning the entire commercial value chain supporting this market.

The Gulf Coast Energy Forum is the newest addition to the long-standing LDC Gas Forum and US-Mexico Gas Forum series that now consists of six annual events each focused on the key natural gas market regions across North America. These events are much more than simply conferences in that in addition to gathering insights on critical issues affecting natural gas markets, participants also meet with industry counterparts to complete business transactions. Participants at the Forum include market leaders, decision makers and subject matter experts, representing all industry segments including utilities, industrial gas consumers, producers, pipelines, marketers, key product and service providers, as well as regulators and analysts.

Even in today’s digital age, natural gas market participants appreciate a venue that facilitates face-to-face interaction. The LDC Gas Forum is uniquely structured to meet this requirement and has been the venue of choice for decades. Registration is still available at

The Gulf Coast Energy Forum, LDC Gas Forums and the US-Mexico Natural Gas Forum are the premiere regional events where the Natural Gas Industry meets. This is where buyers and sellers meet and do business. For over thirty years, over twelve thousand attendees have participated in one or more of the six regional Forums across the continent to discuss vital regional and national issues affecting all aspects of the natural gas marketplace. Timely panel discussions featuring key industry authorities focus on important questions facing buyers, sellers transport operators and other market stakeholders in the competitive energy markets. Topics include: LNG Export Facility, Pipeline, and Storage Infrastructure Projects; Global LNG end-use markets; Supply & Demand Fundamentals; Forecast Outlook; Regulatory Updates; Gas Buyer Insights; Industry Transformation and Trends; Commercial Deal Structuring; Public and Policy Support and Energy Geopolitics.

Vast networking opportunities give you access to your clients, prospects, and peers to further explore relevant issues in your region.

The 2019 LDC Gas Forums: Gulf Coast Energy Forum, Southeast, Northeast, West, Mid-Continent, and the US-Mexico Natural Gas Forum.

Where the Natural Gas Industry Gathers: Networking – Insights – Deal-Making

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