‘LeadsConnect’ Platform is First to Use RFID to Serve Up Content and Exhibitor Connections Based on Real-Time Buyer Behavior

Friday, December 2, 2016

Access Intelligence:
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Rockville, MD, November 30, 2016 – In a first for the B-to-B event industry, Access Intelligence, a leading worldwide business information and marketing company based here, has partnered with FISH Technologies to introduce a new level of audience and exhibitor engagement to one of the company’s largest events.

The FISH platform, which is best known for its wide use by professional sports leagues and major consumer brands, is being jointly customized with AI to create stronger buyer-seller connections at LeadsCon, which will take place March 20-22, 2017 at The Paris in Las Vegas. The event, now in its 10th year, attracts more than 3,000 people in the performance marketing industry.The new LeadsConnect platform will utilize FISH Technologies’ suite of RFID tracking technologies to personalize the attendee experience by suggesting content, activities, and exhibitors based on attendee behavior and interests during the event. Using a network of RFID chips and beacons placed throughout the event, AI and FISH will be able to gather valuable data and insights into attendee behavior, including session visits, content downloads from the event app, exhibitors visited, and which activities they participated in. AI will be able to utilize the data to serve up relevant connections, activities, content and exhibitors based on each attendee’s interests and behavior – both during and after the show. As part of the program, every attendee will have access to a personalized microsite where all of their session content, exhibitor downloads, surveys and prize notifications will be posted, providing a central repository for all of the content they gathered at the event.For exhibitors and sponsors, LeadsConnect provides a more efficient way to drive leads and make deeper connections with qualified attendees. Sponsors will be able to augment the information they collect at their booths with session tracking and other data packages that can help them profile those who are most likely to be a fit for their products or services based on their demographic information combined with their behavioral profiles.The LeadsConnect platform will boost exhibitor ROI by creating stronger real-time connections with buyers along with key insights that they can use to optimize their messaging and prioritize their follow up activities. The key parts of the LeadsConnect platform include:
—Attendee Behavior Tracking: All attendees will have RFID chips embedded in their badges, which will allow LeadsCon to monitor which sessions, exhibitors and activities they visit, and what content they download or interact with. Based on their behavior and inferred interests, they will receive personalized recommendations for sessions and exhibitors they might be interested in.
—Session Tracking: By seamlessly tracking who is attending specific sessions, sponsors will be able to collect valuable data on not only who attended a particular session, but what other sessions and exhibitors those attendees interacted with. These insights can help them prioritize those most relevant for their products and services.
—Buyer Microsites: The LeadsConnect tracking platform will gather all the content – including session presentations, sponsor downloads, surveys and more – that each attendee has accessed and post it on a personalized microsite that they can access after the event. Sponsors will be able to target their messaging directly to the microsites of buyers whose interests and behavior match their product or service offerings, providing valuable post-show message reinforcement.
—Gamification: The RFID system will allow LeadsCon to “gamify” the event, creating a more fun and engaging experience that will be seamlessly integrated into the LeadsConnect platform. Attendees will use their badges in combination with the show app to connect with participating exhibitors who will have special “track towers” placed in their booths.“We’re very excited to be able to introduce the same platform being used to enhance the fan-sponsor experience at some of the world’s largest marquee sporting events to the B-to-B industry and especially our LeadsCon community,” commented Kerry Smith, Senior Vice President of Access Intelligence’s Marketing Division. Smith noted that the aspect of the system that most appealed to his team was FISH’s single-platform strategy. “Until now, we’ve had to cobble together several different systems — event apps, registration, lead collection, surveys and meetings scheduling — to deliver our event experience. The end result was often cumbersome to our attendees because they had to log in to multiple platforms. LeadsConnect will unite these functions onto a single platform which will create a seamless and personalized experience for our attendees and will significantly reduce the time our team spends trying to get multiple systems to connect to each other.”According to Rick Weldon, President of FISH Technologies, Access Intelligence is known for producing some of the best B-to-B conferences, and have always had a focus on enhancing the attendee experience. “There has been a great deal of buzz over the last several years about ‘technology’, and how it should be applied to the conference space. We are pleased to have found that FISH and Access Intelligence share the belief that it’s not merely about technology, but rather using technology as a conduit to more successfully marry buyers and sellers and make conferences more engaging, memorable and fun for the attendee”.FISH provides Live Event Operating Systems for many of the world’s largest conferences and marquee sporting events. The FISH Platform empowers event marketers with the ability to maximize data collection, facilitate more active engagement, and track all aspects of event behavior in real time.Founded in 2007, LeadsCon showcases the best people and companies in vertical media and direct-response marketing. More than 5000+ people rely each year on LeadsCon conferences in Las Vegas and New York for unparalleled insights and access to marketing leaders.

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