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Access Intelligence’s Aviation Group encompasses some of the most respected and trusted brand name publications in the aviation market. Driving these products is our mission to provide timely, actionable information not available elsewhere. We strive to provide aviation professionals with the news and interpretive analysis they need, to grow their businesses and serve their customers.

Leaders in business, government and the military use our websites, newsletters and magazines everyday, to make critical decisions in the ever-changing aviation market. Our print and online products are read widely throughout every segment of aviation, including rotorcraft, avionics, maintenance, major and regional airlines, business aviation, safety regulatory bodies, the military, and financial organizations.

Each of our brands is described below. If you see one that’s unfamiliar to you, I invite you to click the relevant link for more information, to see for yourself why so many thought leaders in aviation place their trust in our products.



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June 11-13, 2019 | Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines | La Jolla, CA

The Global Connected Aircraft Summit brings together the world’s largest airlines and companies from all across the aerospace and avionics industries to assess market lessons, potential demand and best practices in global connected solutions for the passenger, airline efficiency, and cutting edge services.. For more information, please visit www.gcasummit.com.>>

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Aircraft Values News was created in 1992 to provide independent and informed advice regarding current and future aircraft values, and the factors that affect them, to the air transport community. AVN’s core activity is the provision of expert commentary on current and future market values and lease rates. AVN seeks to interpret and analyze current events, enabling readers to more accurately anticipate future market trends.
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The industry’s most trusted daily source for the latest in global aviation electronics news. The Avionics editorial team compiles the most important stories our audience needs to be aware of in this e-letter and deploys first thing in the morning. Position your message in this e-letter to reach our audience of 33,500 aerospace professionals as they catch up on the latest news! [Frequency: 3 times a week]
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Visit the publication that keeps you updated on connected solutions through-out the year! Don’t miss the in-depth features on the latest technology trends and exclusive case studies on how connected aircraft are changing the business from a passenger and operational perspective. Global Connected Aircraft LINK (published 3 times a year.)


The Collective is the premier source relied upon by qualified helicopter professionals around the world for updates on the business and technical news in the rotorcraft industry. In addition to our own award-winning news coverage, the editors of Rotor & Wing International scour the web so that customers do not have to. This tool is a great opportunity for advertisers to strategically surround their message to our audience with content they find invaluable in order maintain a winning edge in their business! [Frequency: 3 times a week]
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Avionics International is the leading source for global aviation technology intelligence, covering the latest developments with the connected aircraft, NextGen, avionics innovation and global air traffic management modernization. More than a magazine, this is the platform for in-depth analysis on the global aircraft electronics market, used by top avionics executives, engineers, pilots and professionals throughout the value chain. All this is backed by a Qualified Circulation of 27,055.
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Rotor & Wing International is the one-stop business intelligence source for those who own and operate rotorcraft throughout the world. We deliver insight into and analysis of new aircraft, products and technologies, regulations, safety, maintenance and other issues that impact commercial, military, government and public service sectors. Our community gains the competitive edge that saves them time and money and keeps them abreast of key market trends and developments.
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The Aviation Today Website serves as an extension for Avionics International Magazine, a leading publication in the aviation electronics market. Our editors provide daily news updates, links to industry resources, educational webcasts, in-depth technical articles and video coverage.


Rotor & Wing International offers balanced coverage of both civil and military articles, focusing on helicopter-operating companies, new aircraft, new technology, military programs, market sectors, and other issues that impact the helicopter industry. You’ll get the latest news and information on aerodynamics, maintenance, regulatory matters and communications from correspondents in Washington, DC and Europe.

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