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Emerging Technologies Showcased Through New Products and Services at SATELLITE 2013

Conference Starts Next Week with Exhibition Opening Tuesday, March 19

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Emerging Technologies Showcased Through New Products and Services at SATELLITE 2013

Conference Starts Next Week with Exhibition Opening Tuesday, March 19

Rockville, MD — Monday, March 11th, 2013 - More than 350 exhibiting companies will showcase the latest and most exciting emerging technologies in the satellite-enabled communications marketplace at the 32nd annual SATELLITE Conference and Exhibition. SATELLITE 2013 will be held March 18-21, 2013 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

Here is a preview of just a few new products and services that will be showcased at SATELLITE 2013:

CDM-760 Advanced High-Speed Trunking Modem – Comtech Telecommunications, Booth 7009

The CDM-760 builds on Comtech EF Data’s award-winning family of high-speed trunking modems, and was designed to be the most efficient and highest throughput point-to-point trunking modem. It provides ultra wide band symbol rates, near theoretical performance with minimal implementation loss, the DVB-S2 Efficiency Boost technology, Super Jumbo Frame Ethernet support and other value-added features. The CDM-760 Advanced High-Speed Trunking Modem supports symbol rates of 1 ksps to 150 Msps and data rates up to 314 Mbps simplex and 628 Mbps duplex. Demonstrating an industry breakthrough, these astounding data rates can be achieved when using 8PSK, 16APSK or 32APSK modulation. When coupled with the native Super Jumbo Frame Ethernet interface, the CDM-760 can process Ethernet frames at greater than 1.2 million packets per second.

CNT-90XL Pulsed RF Microwave Counter/Analyzer – Spectracom Corporation, Booth 4119

Spectracom’s Pendulum CNT-90XL Pulsed RF Microwave Frequency Counter/Analyzer is an excellent tool for measurement, analysis and calibration of Microwave Frequency, Power, and Pulsed RF time parameters like pulse width and PRI. Whether in test systems, on the R&D bench, in the calibration lab or out in the field, the high-resolution and ultra-fast CNT-90XL is the state-of-the-art Microwave Counter/Analyzer. The NEW option for pulsed RF makes CNT-90XL ideal for radar test and calibration. The CNT-90XL offers a unique ease-of-use with graphical display and improved control over measurement at an affordable price.

Communicate: new voice anywhere mobile app – Futaris, Booth 2129

Communicate is our new voice anywhere mobile app. Our FREE app allows you to make affordable VoIP calls, send SMS, and chat for free with friends and colleagues all over the world. The Futaris mobile app is a pay as you go service and you can “recharge” your account quickly and conveniently online. Download our free app and talk to anyone, anywhere, for only pennies per minute.

EN-91P / RD-70 1080P Contribution Platform – Adtech Digital, Booth 3033

The EN-91P is a ultra-low delay 1080P MPEG 4 AVC/H.264 high definition encoder. The ultra-low delay mode requires the use of Adtec’s RD-70 IRD and delivers picture-to-picture services in 100 milliseconds; The EN-91P standard delay mode is fully interoperable with other IRDs making it ideal for mission critical trunking and ad-hoc applications. MPEG 4 AVC/H.264 is significantly more efficient than JPEG making it the CODEC of choice for multiplexed and bandwidth sensitive applications; AVCs inherent interoperability significantly adds to the value of solutions based on this industry standard.

Glenair Spacewire Cables – Glenair, Inc., Booth 5133

The success of any space mission begins with reliable data transmission. Glenair Spacewire cables, built to meet the strict standards set forth by ECSS-E-ST-50-12C, make this a reality. Glenair Spacewire cables offer bidirectional, high speed data transmission rates up to 400 Mbits/s while significantly reducing cross talk, skew, and signal attenuation. By incorporating a serial, point-to-point cable, with low voltage differential signaling (LVDS) reduced costs are realized through an easily integrated data transmission cable. These features allow Spacewire cables to be incorporated across various satellite programs without the expense of costly design customization.

Real-time Scenario Generation for GNSS Simulation – Spectracom Corporation, Booth 4119

The Real-time Scenario Generation (RSG™) option for the GSG products supports fixed latency streaming of 6DOF trajectory information via position, velocity, acceleration, or heading commands. Vehicle orientation and orientation changes, as well as satellite power levels, are also controllable via real-time commands. The RSG option allows the input of real time trajectory data from external devices or software via commands which support setting position, velocity, acceleration, orientation, or heading independently. This allows for external control of all or some of these parameters depending on your simulation needs or capabilities.

ScheduALL 5 (S5) – ScheduALL, Booth 4085

ScheduALL 5 (S5) has taken workflow to an entirely new level; automating previously labor-intensive functions like slack capacity optimization, media system integration and third-party connectivity, to name just a few. S5 is a milestone in resource management software and precisely addresses the complexities of media, broadcast and transmission businesses. The smart technology in S5 automates workflow based on tunable business parameters that are required for each project. This smart workflow capability will connect, trigger and manage the entire workflow process for you.

SkyEdge II-c Platform for Internet Access – Gilat Satellite Networks, Booth 6057

SkyEdge II-c supports large scale Ka-band and Ku-band internet services for both consumer and enterprise applications, including fast web browsing, video streaming, IPTV, VoIP and other bandwidth-intensive services. Gilat has drawn on 25 years of providing satellite ground equipment to introduce the SkyEdge II-c platform. SkyEdge II-c’s scalable architecture enables operators to start small and expand later as demand grows, while delivering the business flexibility they need to provide customized and competitive Internet broadband services.

VoyagerCell – Klas Telecom, Inc., Booth 1074

VoyagerCell provides 3G/4G cellular base station capability on the company’s existing VoyagerESR routing/switching or VoyagerVM server virtualization platforms without increasing SWaP (size, weight, and power). The scalable solution can connect to a range of commercial and military access points (AP) depending on the required cellular bands. VoyagerCell will enable customers to perform both cellular tethering and base station deployment off of the same equipment. By adopting this strategy of using the same hardware on both ends of the cellular link, Klas seeks to lower total cost of ownership of baseband systems without compromising on functionality.

The SATELLITE 2013 Conference and Exhibition will kick off Monday, March 18 with full-day Pre-Conference sessions including Communications via Satellite: The Basics, IP Networking Over Satellite – Performance and Efficiency, The Nature and Impact of Space Debris, Engineering Forum 2013, Satellite Finance Forum and Maritime Satcome Forum Presented by GVF as well as the Welcome Reception from 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. on the L Street Bridge, sponsored by DRS Technologies and Northrop Grumman that is open to all registrants.

SATELLITE 2013 will be held March 18-21, 2013 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center located at 801 Mt Vernon Pl NW, Washington, D.C. 20001. For more information on SATELLITE 2013, including registration information, conference sessions and a complete list of SATELLITE 2013 exhibitors, visit www.SATELLITE2013.com.

About SATELLITE 2013

The SATELLITE Conference and Exhibition is the premier event providing solutions to the global satellite end-user community. SATELLITE 2013 will attract more than 12,000 delegates from 75 countries and features more than 350 exhibiting companies plus a full conference program led by more than 300 communications via satellite experts and innovators. The 2013 Conference features focused forums on broadcast, enterprise, military and emerging regions.